Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus PS5 PS4 PS2 PlayStation

We've never actually encountered a raccoon in reality, but we'd believe they're speedy little beasties. Perhaps the most famous raccoon of all just returned on PS5 and PS4, with Sly Cooper and the Thieivus Raccoonus being re-released on modern platforms, available for subscribers of PS Plus Premium. Like Tomb Raider Legend, however, this port appears to have some performance problems on PS4, allegedly running almost 10% faster than it actually should.

That's according to someone intimately aware of the speed Sly should be moving at, series speedrunner Bvr_GG. On Twitter, they share pretty convincing evidence of this claim, such as a rhythmic boss encounter with Mz Ruby where the music comes out of sync because of the issue. With some luck, this will be fixed in a future patch, although nothing in this life is certain.

What do you think of this rare case in which a game runs too fast? Are you hopeful for a fix? Will Sony go for the hat trick, with performance issues surfacing in this month's third PS2 effort, Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Let us know in the comments section below.