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Tomb Raider Legend arrived on PS Plus Premium today for PS5 and PS4 users, or it can be purchased for $20 outright. While it's awesome to have PS2 games previously stranded playable on modern platforms, this title's performance reportedly leaves much to be desired, especially if you're paying upfront.

On Twitter, techno-wizard Lance McDonald (of Bloodborne modding fame) expressed his disapproval at the state of Lara's lost adventure (thanks, PSU). Claiming that the emulated PS2 rom "runs at 30fps and renders in 480p", McDonald pointed out you can get the same game on PC for a pittance and asking $20 ($30 in Australian dollarydoos) for the "absolutely abysmal" release is too much. Counterpoint: it has a Platinum Trophy.

Have you got a chance to try out Tomb Raider Legend, perhaps via PS Plus Premium? What has your experience been so far? Let us know in the comments section below.