LEGO Horizon Adventures PS5 PC Push Square

The announcement of LEGO Horizon Adventures appears to be an inevitability at this point, as reliable leaker Billbil-Kun has posted another report sharing further details ahead of the public reveal. According to the insider, Sony will confirm the project during the Summer Game Fest live show tomorrow, but what's most interesting is the leaker claims the title will release for PS5 and PC on the same day.

Up until now, Sony has shown some restraint in its multi-platform efforts, as only live-service titles such as Helldivers 2 and the upcoming Concord have launched on PlayStation consoles and PC at the same time. Meanwhile, single player experiences have been ported to PC a few years after their PS5, PS4 release. LEGO Horizon Adventures, a single player action-adventure game that can also be played in co-op as Billbil-Kun puts it, would represent a break from that strategy. It's possible the involvement of the LEGO brand is having some sort of impact on the PS5, PC day one launch.

Also in the report, the leaker claims pre-orders for a base version and a Deluxe Edition will be offered immediately after the Summer Game Fest showcase. Since the PS Store only allows pre-orders for games with a confirmed release date, it sounds like we'll get the LEGO Horizon Adventures launch date tomorrow also, with a 2024 release likely. It's also then mentioned the game has cross-platform co-op features, allowing PS5 and PC players to join together.

Besides actual footage of the game, one of the key details likely to be answered tomorrow is what developer is making the game. Is it the usual LEGO studio TT Games, or has Sony brought production in-house? What do you make of this project as a whole? Share your reaction to the latest details in the comments below.