Rumour: Kingdom Hearts 4 May Be Trapped in the Darkness Until 2025 1

One recurring sentiment that’s been shared by RPG fans this year is that, with Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth already released, there’s hope Kingdom Hearts 4 is the next title on the docket from publisher Square Enix. However, according to a well-connected rumourmonger who appears to have inside information on industry goings-on, the title may still be at least a couple of years away.

Writing on social media, the well-known snoopster Midori tipped the title for 2026, and mentioned it’s looking “different now than it did when it was revealed” all the way back in 2022. They added that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and that more information on the future of the series will be unveiled at a later date. Many had been pinning their hopes on a re-reveal at D23 in August, but that seems unlikely right now.

It’s been five years since Kingdom Hearts 3 released, but that in itself took an incredible 14 years to create, as development started immediately after Kingdom Hearts 2 deployed in 2005. Of course, there were many spin-offs and side-stories to fill the gap – arguably too many, when you consider just how complicated the series’ lore is these days. Let’s hope Kingdom Hearts 4 doesn’t take quite that long to complete, eh?