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Silksong, the elusive, highly anticipated follow-up to developer Team Cherry's Hollow Knight, was not shown during Summer Game Fest, Xbox's showcase, or Nintendo's recent Direct. In response, fans, long neglected, have continued to post memes and cope in whatever way they can

As noted by PC Gamer, Silksong is always one of the most anticipated potential games at any given showcase, and it's been an age since we saw it last. Announced in 2019, and with the Not-E3 2024 season now over, the reality that the wished-for Silksong will not appear (again) seems to have sunk in. Team Cherry has not posted a video to its YouTube channel in five years; its Twitter account is similarly dormant, and the developer last updated its blog in 2019, wishing fans happy holidays.

In April, Silksong was rated in South Korea, which suggests a pulse, but there doesn't appear to be any other outward signs of life from the studio. That doesn't suggest Silksong isn't coming; we're sure it is. But as Team Cherry consists of just three principal devs who live in the land of milk and honey (Australia), we'd imagine they're simply enjoying the good life, sunning themselves on pristine beaches and working at their own pace. According to Reddit napkin math and SteamDB, Hollow Knight may have sold 8+ million copies on Steam alone, which translates into a hell of a lot of dollarydoos, and that's before taking console sales into account.

Where do you expect to see Silksong surface, and when? Can you believe such a tiny team could have such an outsized impact in the highly competitive Metroidvania and Souls-Like subgenres? Chitter away in the comments section below.

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