Kingdom Hearts 4, Silksong, Dragon Ball Among Most Wanted Games at Summer Game Fest 1
Image: Push Square

E3 is no more, and in its place β€” sort of β€” is Summer Game Fest, an annual event held each June by none other than Geoff Keighley. It's all happening again in a couple of months, with a big, live showcase being the main draw for millions of online viewers. There's lots of potential for exciting updates and announcements, and to start drumming up excitement, Keighley has taken to social media to see what fans are hoping will make an appearance:

Of course, responses to this tweet came in their thousands, and there are lots of games that crop up, but we can also see a handful of common answers. After taking a good look through the replies, here's what seem to be the standout games that people are hyped to see on Keighley's summer stage:

There are plenty of others cropping up in the responses to Geoff's post, but the above seem to be the most wanted games at Summer Game Fest's big presentation. Obviously we know about most of these, but they're mainly titles announced a while ago and have yet to properly materialise. It'd be great to see these finally resurface.

What games would you like to see during the Summer Game Fest showcase? Let us know in the comments section below.