Random: Euro 2024's Italy Manager Insists His Squad Aren't Banned from PS5 1
Image: Push Square

In a “controversy” that’s sure to please console maker Sony, the Italian national team appears to be embroiled in PlayStation-gate. Manager Luciano Spalletti has been critical of his players staying up too late on their PS5s in the past, and that prompted some speculation that he’d placed a blanket ban on the system during his squad’s Euro 2024 camp. But, speaking with media ahead of the team’s match with Albania on Saturday, he clarified he’s comfortable with his players unwinding with video games – just not too late.

“I have nothing against any type of game – we have created a games room where there are two PlayStations there,” he said. “Everyone goes there, I have had a go on it myself. But they can do that within the right time of day. I don't think it's acceptable they're awake until 3AM or 4AM, you need to sleep at night. We need to impart a correct lifestyle during matches. It's not fair and not true that I said we can't play PlayStation. I said we can't stay up until 3AM or 4AM – that's different.”

Superstar goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma corroborated his coach’s comments, explaining that the whole squad enjoys playing PS5 – but only at the appropriate times. “After dinner we spend time together in the games room, we blow off a bit of steam there and that's created a nice team spirit there,” he noted. “We have a laugh; we spend a few hours together. No issues on that score whatsoever, the manager gave us some pointers and advice, but there are no stringent rules by any means.”

Fortunately, it looks like the disciplined gaming time is paying off: Italy beat Albania 2-1 in their opener on Saturday, putting them joint-top of Group B after one game. They’ll need all of their energy for their next match, though: they face rival hopefuls Spain in Gelsenkirchen on Thursday.

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