Pixel art Persona-like Demonschool tasks players with leading a team of teens into battle with demons. Players must balance this battle against evil while maintaining a demanding high school curriculum. School starts on September 13th on PS5 and PS4.

Demonschool follows Faye, the final practising heir of a storied demon-hunting family, on an adventure of tactical education. Featuring 15 different and romanceable characters, players must balance class schedules and extracurricular side quests with battling imps in rounds of pre-planned combat. Actions like attacks, healing, or combos all happen simultaneously.

Add to that crazy boss encounters, an intriguing blend of 2D and 3D art, and the immaculate Into the Breach cited as inspiration; we'll keep both eyes on this one as often as we can spare them. Check out a couple more trailers to better understand what's on offer.

What do you think of Demonschool? Does it seem like a subject worth studying? Take notes in the comments section below.

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