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Amazon's surprisingly great TV adaptation was a hit with fans of Bethesda's depiction of the Fallout universe, and shocking no one, a second season is already in the works. The show's final episode clearly indicated where the series would go next, and now we've had concrete confirmation. Warning: Spoilers for the final episode of Fallout will follow!

With our heroes staring off into the distance at the end of the series, with the New Vegas Strip clearly visible on the horizon, it should come as no surprise to learn that the second season will concern characters from Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas, the black sheep of the Fallout family.

In an interview with Variety, showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet confirmed that the enigmatic Robert House, better known as Mr House, "will be involved" in Season 2. We missed this tidbit (thanks, IGN), but House had a cameo in the first season as the pre-war RobCo Industries boss plotting with the other company heads. We've seen some theories on how he might have survived the bombs, and we'll be excited to see how everything plays out. Wagner teases:

"Many of our lead characters are Vegas-bound. Las Vegas in the world of Fallout is Robert House's town."

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