Multiple Square Enix Rumours Spread Like Wildfire Ahead of Summer Game Fest 1
Image: Push Square

A random assortment of Square Enix rumours have started to circulate on social media, stemming from the enigmatic Midori account. For those not up to date on their insider intel, Midori successfully leaked a number of Atlus and SEGA projects, before temporarily hanging up their rumourmonger gloves. Unable to resist the clout, however, the user has returned to X with an expanded knowledge of the industry, outing the projects of numerous different publishers.

So, here’s a summary of their overnight claims: a remake of Final Fantasy 9 is deep in development. This was originally outsourced, but has since allegedly been brought in-house, and is quite close to completion. It’s planned for multiple platforms, as per Square Enix’s new strategy, so expect it on PS5 and PS4 in addition to a variety of other systems. Meanwhile, the recently re-revealed Dragon Quest HD-2D title will apparently be a complete trilogy, and will be unveiled at this month’s Nintendo Direct.

In a more intriguing assertion, there’ll be no Kingdom Hearts update at Summer Game Fest, as noted by host Geoff Keighley – but there may be an incoming collaboration with Fortnite, which will presumably see the likes of Sora added to the Battle Royale.

Of course, as mentioned above, all of this is speculation on the part of the once-reliable Midori. While this leaker does have a good track record for Atlus related leaks, it remains to be seen how much they truly know about the pipeline of other publishers. Watch this space, we suppose.