Metal Slug Tactics takes the legendary side-scrolling arcade shooter series to an entirely new dimension, with its isometric perspective demanding careful planning rather than twitchy reflexes. We got an extended look at its unique style of turn-based roguelike gameplay in a new trailer.

The trailer shows how a typical run will work. Deploy the cast of Metal Slug, the feared Peregrine Squad, to the battlefield, using the unique skills and equipment each operative brings. Players will use the HQ to purchase upgrades between fights and plan the most effective route to liberate a region, requisitioning supplies and gear from the foe as necessary. What really sets it apart from other tactics games is the inclusion of adrenaline, a gauge that builds while moving and shooting and, once full, can be used to call in off-map artillery or airstrikes.

What do you think of Metal Slug Tactics? Are you up for an arcade take on turn-based tactics? Carefully plan your next move in the comments section below.