Originally announced almost three years ago for Nintendo Switch and PC, Metal Slug Tactics has today been updated to a complete multi-platform release with PS5 and PS4 versions, and it's releasing towards the end of this year. The news coincides with a fresh gameplay trailer, which you can catch above. A tactical twist on the classic franchise, here you'll be battling across grids rather than side-scrolling.

A press release sets the scene: "Every outing begins by thoughtfully building a squad from Metal Slug’s beloved roster of fighters, each armed with unique loadouts, before clashing with infamous Metal Slug enemies in fights testing intuition and efficiency. Surviving firefights with lower rank foes will lead to pivotal boss battles like the missile-touting warship revealed in today’s trailer; these titan-sized threats stand between Metal Slug Tactics’ heroes and their march into new areas deeper behind enemy lines."

It's then explained how the game is designed to be a "respectful homage" to the classics as well as a new way to celebrate the series. The levels themselves are hand-crafted, but there will be some roguelite elements "pushing fighters to adapt and overcome unpredictable clashes as they master dynamic, strategic combat". Classic series weaponry will be on offer alongside skill trees to work through and perks to utilise. The soundtrack comes from Tee Lopes, best known for his work on Sonic Mania.

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