Many More PS5, PS4 Games from China on the Way 1
Image: Push Square

Sony is plunging the depths of emerging markets to bolster its content offering on PS5 and PS4, and that’s resulting in plenty of diverse content like Infinity Nikki, the open world anime dress-up game which has exploded in popularity on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. It’s one of a number of Chinese titles on the way, with Ballad of Antara, Marvel Rivals, and Where Winds Meet also featured in the format holder’s recent State of Play – and Zenless Zone Zero due out in a matter of weeks.

Christian Svensson, the organisation’s head of second-party and third-party content, is particularly pleased with all of the new titles the manufacturer has cooking from China. “So very pleased to see so many of our partners from China featured in State of Play,” he said on social media. “Ballad of Antara, Marvel Rivals, Infinity Nikki, and Where Winds Meet demonstrate the wide diversity of content coming to PlayStation from China. And there's lots more coming.”

As alluded to above, PlayStation has really been tapping into the development teams of previously overlooked territories of late, with Korea’s Shift Up developing console exclusive Stellar Blade, and its recently announced India Hero Project looking to bear fruit in the future. With the gaming industry bigger and more competitive than ever, all of this investment shows Sony is forever looking to new frontiers, which will serve it well as the generation matures.