With almost two million views, Infinity Nikki has established itself as the biggest title from Sony’s recent State of Play by a country mile. But if you’re still curious what the game’s about and how it works, this IGN preview based on a three-hour PC demo is well worth watching. It showcases how the release blends the best of Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Style Savvy, all in one perfectly tailored package.

Unlike the mobile games, which are primarily visual novels, this is an open world adventure with dungeons and Zelda-style Shrines. You’ll need to collect and craft different outfits to perform unique abilities, such as floating, fishing, or even attacking enemies. The video shows how there’s even whimsical platforming challenges, where you need to navigate enormous paper cranes to make your way through the world.

Of course, there’s a massively in-depth Photo Mode too, which you’ll be able to use to show off your outfits. And there are a ton of different traversal options, including a bicycle and more. Graphically, it looks absolutely stunning – and it appears there’s tons to the gameplay, too. The best part is, based on the magical fashion aspects, there’s no limit to what the developer could add to the release in the future.

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