Honkai: Star Rail's Next PS5 Update May Be One of Its Most Important Yet 1

Honkai: Star Rail grows unprecedentedly with each update cycle, but v2.3 may be its most important yet. While it’s not necessarily introducing a new planet, like Penacony previously, it’s adding a new thread of the roguelike mode Simulated Universe, which looks to significantly speed up the grind related to important relics, Planar Ornaments.

For those who don’t play, Planar Ornaments can be affixed to your characters in order to buff crucial statistics, but previously you were required to run an entire loop of the Simulated Universe in order to unlock them. Now, you’ll effectively be able to “save” your progress, allowing you to just battle the bosses to unlock the resources you need.

Of course, HoYoverse wouldn’t just stop there: the update will also wrap up the story of Penacony, while introducing two hotly anticipated five-star characters: Firefly and Jade. The pair’s banners will be flanked by reruns of Ruan Mei and Argenti, alongside new Light Cones. And if all that wasn’t enough, there’ll be a match three puzzle minigame to play as well.

You can expect all of the new content to start rolling out on 19th June, 2024.