The wait for GTA 6 rumbles on and on, but Rockstar will keep you occupied with yet another major GTA Online update. This is a big’un, bringing another new business to the shadowy backdrop of Los Santos. You’ll be teaming up once more with Maude Eccles, as she looks for a new recruit to take command of her Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement bounty hunting corporation.

According to the press materials, you’ll be working with Ms Eccles’ daughter Jenette, as you look to run down “all manner of reprobate scum”. The official announcement adds: “As you clean up the streets of Southern San Andreas, utilize a range of new Law Enforcement Vehicles in off-the-books Dispatch Work for LSPD Officer Vincent Effenburger.”

As with any GTA Online update, you can also look forward to a bunch of new vehicles, some major quality of life updates, and much more. You can get a taste of what to expect courtesy of the trailer embedded above. Remember, most content in Rockstar’s online sandbox can now be played solo, and we’d expect this latest update to be much the same.