GTA Online PS5, PS4 Is Never Going to Stop Getting Bigger and Better 1

The world is waiting not-so patiently for GTA 6, but with the game not due out for at least another year, Rockstar has once again committed to the continued evolution of GTA Online. For those out of the loop, that’s the multiplayer component for GTA 5, the game which first released on the PS3 (!!!) all the way back in 2013.

Due out this summer, the next major addition to Los Santos will come in the form of a “bail enforcement and bounty hunting business”. From the description, it sounds like this will be similar to other major GTA Online updates, where you’ll need to purchase some brand-new premises as part of your empire, and carry out missions from within it. All of the content can be completed single player these days, although the balancing is generally pretty bad.

The Rockstar Newswire adds: “This summer’s action-packed GTA Online update also delivers a collection of new rides to covet and collect, boosts to payouts across a number of existing modes and missions, including Taxi Work, Open Wheel Races, Operation Paper Trail, and more.”

There’ll also be some more general quality of life upgrades, including extended Sell Mission timers to help solo players, automatically replenishing snacks, and various other balancing tweaks. To be honest, we’re tired of the mission design in GTA Online these days, but it’s still one of the most unique multiplayer modes out there, and it’s hard not to love the ever evolving sandbox gameplay it provides.