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The Maestro of Punishment, Hidetaka Miyazaki, says it's OK to beat FromSoftware games like Elden Ring using informative, meticulously crafted guides. In fact, he says his studio has "room for improvement" if players struggle to progress "organically".

Speaking to PC Gamer, Miyazaki is clearly aware of the cottage industry that has sprung up around guiding FromSoftware's games, specifically: "Of course, players are going to consult guides, and there's going to be a wealth of information on the web and in their communities where they have access to the secrets and the strategies. We expect that."

Still, it's interesting to think the developers are fully aware that their releases, like the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree, will be chronicled and detailed in full almost immediately upon launch. Miyazaki continues: "We obviously understand [players use guides], but we don't make or plan anything with that as a prerequisite. If anything, we try to cater to the player who is completely blind and wants to go through organically. If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf, and we'd like to try to embrace those players more in the future."

Do you use guides when playing FromSoftware's games, or prefer to play as blindly as possible? Admit your preference in the comments section below.

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