Epic's ongoing gaming platform, Fortnite, constantly reinvents itself. It just introduced a new mode, Reload, which offers a more classic experience on a new map filled with familiar locations. In addition, players can expect to wield previously benched weaponry, endless revives, and no vehicles.

Reload is a 40-player mode with "Fill or no Fill Squads" in a "tighter map" with POIs like Tilted Towers and Retail Row. When a player goes down, their individual reboot timer begins and will keep running as long as one teammate remains alive. This timer will increase as the match progresses, but it can be reduced by downing or killing enemy combatants. Just don't get too comfortable; reboots will cease during the game's closing moments. Reload's specific tuning can be played in either Battle Royale or Zero Build.

What do you think of Fortnite Reload? Does it sound like a refreshing change of pace? Let us know in the comments section below.

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