Metallica is fronting Fortnite Festival's Battle Stage, with the big show going live later today, 13th June. All four members of the iconic heavy metal band have been digitised into the increasingly popular one-stop gaming platform, with some of their best songs and a musical PVP game mode along for the ride.

Metallica x Fortnite officially kicks off Fortnite Festival Season 4, bringing with it six Metallica songs, including "Enter Sandman", "Fuel", and "Ride the Lightning". More songs will be added throughout the season, and if you opt for Epic's premium Festival Pass, all four Metallica band members can be unlocked for use as playable skins. Lars Ulrich vs Goku, anyone?

It's the 16-player musical battle royale that interests us, however. The Battle Stage is a gruelling test of endurance and personal charisma, with players rocking out to the same four tracks simultaneously. Play well, and you can fire off bolts of concentrated musical power, causing posers to stumble and fail, with the last left standing declared the Master of Puppets (probably).

If that wasn't enough, Metallica is also coming to the Rocket Racing tent with a themed track, car, and LEGO versions of each band member. Honestly, is there anything more metal than that?

Are you a fan of Metallica? Did you ever imagine the band would come to dominate a video game populated mainly by children too young to be familiar with their music? Fade to black in the comments section below.