Currently targeting PC and "consoles", Alkahest is an intriguing first-person action RPG, boasting a fairly grounded medieval setting. The game's official description speaks of contextual combat where you can kick enemies off cliffs and into walls, and there's an alchemy system that lets you concoct explosives, potions, and oils — with the latter used to coat your trusty blade.

"Unlike games where stealth is the 'right' way to play, we encourage a balanced approach. Players can opt for stealth, scouting the area for an effective strategy, or boldly confront enemies head-on. Enemies adapt dynamically; if overwhelmed, they may flee, regroup, and set up ambushes, keeping gameplay challenging and engaging," reads the game's Steam page. It actually sounds quite ambitious.

You can get a feel for Alkahest via the announcement trailer above. Although the footage does look rather scripted, there's clear potential here, and we're hoping to see more gameplay soon.

Plus, there's a lot to like about developer Push On's perspective. It writes: "We are players ourselves and believe in quality over quantity. So a big no to a bloated map and dull filler quests."

It continues: "We strive to create a highly interactive and believable world with semi open-world locations, packed with secrets and adventure. With branching gameplay options, inspired by Dishonored, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and other genre-defining games."

What do you make of Alkahest? Is it one to watch? Be mindful of goblin-like foes in the comments section below.