Popular manga and anime franchise Fairy Tail is getting another video game adaptation. This time covering the climactic Alvarez Empire Arc from the source material, Fairy Tail 2 is an action RPG, rather than a turn-based one, as was the case with the first Fairy Tail game that released for PS4 in 2020. Gust is once again the developer.

The title's press release boasts of "intense and spectacular battles, in which players will use powerful magic and a variety of other strategic elements in order to take down enemies in stunning sequences of action". It continues: "Players will also be able to explore the vast map seamlessly, enhancing the experience of the original work while furthering the thrilling story of the final chapter."

Despite being announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, Fairy Tail 2 has been confirmed for both PS5 and PS4. It's targeting a winter 2024 launch.

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