Fairy Tail follows the plot of the anime, set from around the end of the Tenrou Island arc to approximately the end of the Avatar arc. For the uninitiated, that spans around 160 episodes from about 122 onwards. You're therefore much better off going into Fairy Tail with some knowledge of the property already, but there is an in-game encyclopaedia with plot reminders and a glossary of terms which will help familiarise the unversed. Though Fairy Tail does retread old ground, and for the most part does it very well, some points are skipped over for brevity and emotional depth is often lost as a result.

Through its own existence, Fairy Tail lends itself to the RPG genre. In the Fairy Tail guild hall, you're able to take up requests and embark on journeys with some of the best-loved characters from the series, creating a team of up to five to fulfil mission requirements. Unfortunately, these requests are very repetitive and rely solely on fighting. There are a few moments where the requirement might be to chase an enemy or to avoid someone, but instead of having you take part in those actions, you see them play out in cutscenes and regain control of the action in time for yet another battle. This can lead to the bulk of the game feeling stale quite quickly.

The turn based battling itself is an enjoyable task, however. Characters have magic attacks which are based on their own wizarding abilities, so where ice wizard Gray can conjure up an ice hammer to pulverise foes, sky dragon slayer Wendy will whirl them up into a tornado. Every attack has its own range of effect and power level, and can sometimes impose status afflictions on foes or bonuses on allies. It's enjoyable seeing the ways that different characters' powers work in battle as well as the way they can combo to unleash almighty damage on your unsuspecting enemies.

There's also a social element to the game as you can level up social ranks between characters once they’ve been on enough missions together, leading to unlocking new skills which can be used in battle or more bonuses for those characters. Fairy Tail carries on going even when the storyline is done; there's plenty to upgrade in the guild, and a multitude of characters to rank up, unlocking new content and cutscenes. That, combined with an enjoyable battle system, makes Gust's latest a solid experience for anime fans.