Dress Eve Up in Two New Outfits with Stellar Blade PS5 Update 1
Image: Push Square

It seems Stellar Blade developer Shift Up can’t resist adding more outfits to its acclaimed release. A new patch for the PS5 character action outing deployed earlier today, and it includes two new looks for buxom protagonist Eve: the Cyber Illusionist and FourSeconds Destroyed Denim. You can unlock the former by defeating Raven on Hard in the Boss Challenge mode, while the latter can be acquired from Roxanne’s shop in Xion.

The update also includes some other features, like the ability to change the heroine’s hairstyle in the pause menu, so you no longer need to visit Gwen’s Hair Salon to get Eve’s locks chopped. And there are also some other minor user interface tweaks and bug fixes. In total the update weighs in at around 1.9GB.

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