Dragon Age The Veilguard Skill Trees
Image: Push Square

It's perhaps a little unfair given that we've only seen 20 minutes of (early) gameplay from Dragon Age: The Veilguard, but there's already cynicism over the title's role-playing depth. To be fair, BioWare does have a history of... streamlining RPG systems in successive games (Mass Effect 3 immediately comes to mind), but as alluded, we do think it's a bit too early to make assumptions about The Veilguard.

We don't yet know how impactful things like dialogue choices will be, but going by fresh Game Informer coverage of The Veilguard, we certainly shouldn't be worrying about character build potential.

It's been revealed that the title will boast three huge skill trees based on your starting class: Warrior, Rogue, or Mage. From the centre of these trees, you get to branch out in different directions, working towards advanced classes — three for each of the base roles. There seems to be a lot of potential freedom here, when it comes to defining your own style of play.

Warriors can specialise as a Champion, Reaper, or Slayer. Rogues can go Duelist, Saboteur, or Veil Ranger. Mages can opt to be a Death Caller, Evoker, or Spellblade. And on top of that, each class can pick up perks and skills from specific talent sets that further solidify your approach to combat.

BioWare's clearly put a lot of effort into this side of the game, which is nice to see. It's hard not to look at these screenshots and start thinking about the possibilities.

Do these skill trees look good to you? Start building your protagonist in the comments section below.

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