Days Gone PS4

Sony Bend community manager Kevin McAllister has apologised to the passionate fanbase built around PS4 favourite Days Gone after he feels the community was lent "false hope" by misleading comments from the studio's former staff members and a deceptive headline from an outlet reporting on those tweets.

John Garvin, the former director and writer of Days Gone, responded to queries from the game's community earlier this week about the possibility of a Days Gone sequel. It's already public knowledge Sony Bend is now working on a new IP, but Garvin responded by saying he and Jeff Ross (also formerly of Sony Bend) had a "full outline" for a sequel, and even intended to turn the series into a trilogy. Garvin claims to have had a "script, outline, map [and] concept art" for a pitch before he was let go by Sony.

The fact Sony decided not to go ahead with a Days Gone 2 was detailed in a Bloomberg report in 2021, instead opting for the team to work on something new. This is common knowledge amongst hardcore Days Gone fans, so what John Garvin had to say wasn't particularly surprising. "Maybe in a couple of years when the IP is gathering dust and they're sure they're done with it, they'd license it to other devs... but again, not holding my breath," he hopes.

However, where the problem lies — and ultimately why the current community manager felt the need to apologise — is with a GamingBible headline that picked up Garvin's comments, and simply read: "Days Gone trilogy plans confirmed by developer." Suggesting the current Sony Bend staff has more Days Gone titles in production, community manager Kevin McAllister believes the "false hope" lent to fans is unfair.

He tweeted: "I apologize to our Days Gone community for continuously getting fed false hope and poor information by people looking for likes. It’s not fair to you all. We are currently working on a new IP, and when we have actual news to share it will come from our studio." He then continues: "All these type of headlines originate from previous developers, which puts us in a bad position. Like I said, people need likes. Time to move on."

John Garvin and Jeff Ross have spoken publicly at surprising length about what a Days Gone sequel might have looked like, with mentions of a more dynamic open world, swimming, and better animals. Though, after comments from Garvin about how the game received a disappointing critical reception thanks to "woke reviewers", the current Sony Bend team distanced itself from the former director.

As for what Sony Bend is actually working on, community manager Kevin McAllister called it the "best Bend game yet". What's your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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