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Earlier this week, Days Gone’s writer and director John Garvin went on a social media rant, blaming “woke reviewers” for the open worlder’s softer than expected Metacritic score. Those messages, after going viral, have since been set to private. And now Sony Bend, the game’s developer, has released a statement, distancing itself from its ex-employee.

In a public message on Twitter, the studio said: “We are aware of the comments made by our previous Creative Director on Days Gone regarding his critical reception of our intellectual property. Bend Studio does not share his sentiment, nor does it reflect the views of our team. Our studio is immensely proud of the work we accomplished on Days Gone, and are thankful to every developer who poured their heart and soul into it.”

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The statement continued: “We are incredibly humbled by the support of our Days Gone community and we will continue to share your enthusiasm for our world and characters as we look toward the future.”

In a Twitter tirade, Garvin – a former veteran at the studio, who also played a key role in the creation of the Syphon Filter series – appeared to plant the blame for Days Gone’s critical reception at his programming team, and also alleged that “woke reviewers” simply “couldn’t handle” the contents of the release.

Garvin departed the developer a couple of years ago, and Sony Bend is currently working on a new intellectual property for PS5 which will “build on the deep open world systems” first explored in Days Gone.