Excellent Aussie indie Cult of the Lamb has revealed the next blasphemous update intended for the game. It's called Unholy Alliance and adds local co-op into the mix, which has been fully incorporated into the main campaign. We won't have to wait for eternity, either, as the update arrives on 12th August, and it is entirely free.

Along with a suitably eerie animated trailer, we learned a little more about what the update will entail. In co-op, one player will wear the mantle of the Holy Lamb, and the other will play as the unsettling Goat. This gruesome twosome can swap weapons, will deal extra damage when fighting back-to-back, and will inflict critical hits if players' attacks are in sync.

Minigames have been reworked for an extra player, and having another pair of hands to keep your cultists repressed sounds grand. For those who prefer a more lonely experience, there will be a bunch of abilities and powers for you to play around with, too.

What do you think of Cult of the Lamb's Unholy Alliance expansion? Are you down to corrupt a friend's immortal soul? Let us know in the comments section below.

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