Classic PS2, PSP Campaigns Ghosthunter, Daxter Add Platinum Trophies on PS5, PS4 1
Image: Push Square

As is commonly the case with first-party releases made available with Sony’s PS Plus Premium service, inventive PS2 shooter Ghosthunter and legendary PSP platformer Daxter will ship with Platinum Trophies.

The former game will pack a total of 21 gongs, and will largely require you to beat a variety of bosses, and work your way to the conclusion of the campaign. How Long to Beat pegs the 2003 title’s length at about 10 hours.

Daxter, meanwhile, has an enormous 43 Trophies, and once again requires you to work your way through the main campaign. You’ll also need to earn a gold medal on a minigame, and collect at least 500 Precursor Orbs. Again, How Long to Beat reckons the story takes roughly eight hours to beat.

While some third-party titles have been adding Trophies recently, it looks like there’ll be no gongs for LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, the third retro game scheduled to be added as part of PS Plus Premium’s big June update, available today.

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