One of PS2's Most Overlooked First-Party Games Is Coming to PS5, PS4 1

You probably never played Ghosthunter, but you should have done. Developed by Cambridge Studio – the UK-based team that would later renamed Guerrilla Cambridge, before being shutdown following the release of PS Vita’s excellent Killzone Mercenary – was published in the United States by Namco, such was the mistreatment of the title by platform holder Sony. But it’s actually a great little game – and coming to PS5 and PS4 as part of PS Plus Premium from 18th June.

The game is, effectively, a third-person shooter – although it’s somewhat of a prehistoric one. This title pre-dates Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War, so the combat is fiddly and archaic; movement is ridiculously restricted while you’re aiming. Combat sees you weakening ghosts before “capturing” them Ghostbusters-style, but there’s more to it than that. You can also control a spirit to solve puzzles or lure phantoms into specific positions.

While it received middling reviews at launch, this was a forward-thinking title with excellent presentation – and it’s one, ultimately, a lot of people overlooked. The North American version was updated to include a number of gameplay improvements and fixes compared to its European counter-part; this was obviously a time when patches couldn’t be issued, because whatever shipped on the disc is what you got.

We’d recommend giving this a go, to be honest – it was one of the best-looking PS2 titles upon its release, and it’s still got lots of interesting ideas despite its ancient and inconsistent gameplay. A single playthrough will take you about 10 hours, so if you’ve got the time and you’re curious about the subject matter and story, be sure to check it out.

[source News: 14 PS Plus Extra, Premium Games Announced for June 2024]