Astro Bot's PS5 File Size Is About Six Times Bigger Than Astro's Playroom 1
Image: Push Square

Astro Bot is a big, full-sized 3D platformer, and it's got the file size to prove it. The upcoming title from Team Asobi is its largest game yet, with more worlds to explore and new power-ups to toy with than in any of the robot's previous outings. Backing this up is the game's file size on PS5 which, according to the back of the retail box (thanks, Genki), is approximately 66GB.

By way of comparison, Astro's Playroom, the free PS5 pack-in, is about 11.7GB, putting the new game at roughly six times the size. Obviously that doesn't translate directly to Astro Bot's broader content, but it does generally highlight the bigger scope of the upcoming project.

We know that the new game is set to feature around 80 levels across six galaxies, and 300 robots to rescue (including 150 PlayStation character cameos), so this really is the full-fat platformer we've all hoped to see for Astro.

If you want to read more about Astro Bot, we recently went hands-on with the game and spoke to the game's creative director, Nicolas Doucet, to get the full scoop on what's in store.

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