Astro Bot PlayStation Character Cameos

The nods to classic PlayStation games and characters were already outstanding in Astro's Playroom — the packed-in PS5 game — but fully-fledged successor Astro Bot is taking everything to the next level. In an interview with Eurogamer, creative director Nicolas Doucet reveals that there are over 150 PlayStation-related cameos in the game. We're already dead set on finding every single one of them.

"Instead of the hardware we put our attention towards the characters, and that's why we push these cameos. Before they were quite primitive, but now they feel much richer looking. It's over 150 [cameos], so it's going to go really deep and everybody should have their favourite ones," Doucet explains.

And no, before you say anything, the Bloodborne cameo that was present in Astro Bot's announcement trailer is not hinting at the action RPG's imminent return. As we all know, fans have been practically begging for Sony to revive Bloodborne in a remastered or remade form for years now, but its presence in Team Asobi's platformer doesn't have any deeper meaning.

"There's no secret meaning, it's just a celebration of the whole PlayStation history," says Doucet.

Anyway, 150 cameos! Everything we hear about Astro Bot just gets us more and more hyped, so here's hoping that the adventure lives up to expectations when it launches in September.

Are there any particular cameos that you'd love to see? Come up with some seriously deep cuts in the comments section below.