Astro Bot PS5 PlayStation

PlayStation's undeniably likeable mascot, Astro Bot, will have around 80 levels across six worlds at launch to run through, but Team ASOBI says there's plenty more to come via future updates. Best of all, these DLC offerings will be added for free.

IGN spoke to studio head Nicolas Doucet, who said plans are already in place for post-launch support, aiming to arrive "soon" after the platformer's release on PS5 on September 6th. These additions will largely focus on adding more challenge levels to the game; shorter tests focused on a specific gimmick or theme.

Doucet remains quite tight-lipped on what else might be coming, but IGN offers suggestions based on their preview experience (which mirrored our own hands-on time with the game). Two of the challenge levels played focused on rescuing robots dressed in PlayStation character costumes, so it's reasonable to assume that might mean more character cameos down the line. At launch, there are apparently some 150 character references, so we look forward to seeing what forgotten PlayStation treasures will be resurfaced.

Further, and without spoilers, PlayStation's biggest stars like Kratos and Atreus appear to have a larger role than simple cameos. IGN suspects that there will likely be a God of War-themed level, which opens the door to future character-themed levels down the line.

Are you on board for Astro Bot? Can you believe the little guy is going to get his own big adventure? Wait patiently in the comments section below.