Astro Bot is the name of the cutesy robot's big new game, and this time it's a full length excursion rather than just a tech demo. The trailer has put a smile on all our tired faces — it looks utterly delightful.

Team Asobi's platformer will feature more than 80 levels across six galaxies, which you'll explore in order to find Astro's crewmates. Our hero will be able to toy with 15 new abilities as he goes through the story, all bringing the developer's trademark imagination to the gameplay once more. We're particularly fond of Astro turning into a giant sponge.

The game also packs over 70 enemy types to tango with, including a whole host of oversized bosses. On top of that, Astro Bot will encounter various PlayStation characters from the platform's back catalogue — you'll no doubt spot PaRappa, Kratos, and a couple more in the trailer, and they look to play a larger part in the adventure.

Astro Bot is due to launch exclusively on PS5 on 6th September, 2024. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.