As If There Was Any Doubt, a Sequel to the Uncharted Movie Has Been Confirmed 1
Image: Sony Pictures

This almost goes without saying, but yes, the Uncharted movie is definitely getting a sequel. Sony Pictures confirmed the flick during its recent presentation at CineEurope, as reported by Variety.

The Uncharted film adapts Naughty Dog's beloved action adventure games series to the big screen, but rather than stick to the script laid down by these titles, it spins up an original take on the world and characters. It introduces Nathan Drake, portrayed by Tom Holland, who's recruited by Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to help him nab the Magellan treasure. It's a decent action movie with some great set-pieces and plenty of nods to the games.

Despite fans lamenting its casting choices, the film did very well at the box office, so it's no real surprise to see a sequel confirmed. Not only that, but the first film did quite clearly set up a sequel, even teasing the arrival of Sully's trademark moustache. We don't expect the second film will directly depict any events from the games, as it'll be continuing this new version of the universe.

Details about the sequel are non-existent right now, though we expect actors like Holland, Wahlberg, and Sophia Ali — who plays Chloe Frazer — will make their return. We imagine that director Ruben Fleischer will be back, too.

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