Anime Waifu Horse Racing Game Going Global Alongside PS4 Party Spin-Off 1

CyGames’ sim sensation Umamusume: Pretty Derby Girl, an idol horse racing game where equines are replaced by anime waifus, is releasing globally. The smartphone game – already a smash hit in Japan and Asia – will be playable for the first time in English at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles early next month. No official release date has been announced, but expect more information imminently.

The news is pertinent to PlayStation owners because spin-off sports party game Umamusume: Pretty Derby Party Dash was announced for global release on the PS4 earlier this year, with a 30th August launch date locked in. This console title features the cast and characters from the gacha game, albeit in an arcade sports setting, where you compete in competitions featuring dodgeball, volleyball, and more.

It looks like CyGames will be handling the global release of its gacha in-house, after some had expected Crunchyroll to – ahem – take the reins. Three seasons of the anime are already available on Sony’s streaming service, with various other mangas and spin-offs also available.