Runaway waifu horse racing sensation Umamusume: Pretty Derby will make its PlayStation debut on 30th August, when minigame spin-off Party Dash gallops to PS4 in Japan and around the world. Unlike the main mobile game – which isn’t available in the west yet – this console outing centres on the Slapdash Grand Prix, which features four different sporting events, each with unique gameplay mechanics.

You’ll be competing against cute anime girls across four disciplines: Hurtling Hurdles, Blazing Baskets, Dodgeball Demolition, and Gourmet Gauntlet. You’ll need to assemble a squad capable of winning the event, with a laundry list of star-studded Umamusume characters to choose from.

It sounds like the game will only be available digitally outside of Asia, with prices yet to be announced. There’ll be three post-release DLC packs featuring new characters, and you’ll be able to purchase those upfront as part of a Digital Deluxe Edition. You can get a taste of the gameplay courtesy of the trailer embedded above, and it’ll be interesting to see if this releases convinces CyGames to bring the smartphone title overseas.