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Following a devastating week of Bethesda studio closures, which coincides with the Fallout franchise's recent bump in popularity (thanks to Amazon's excellent adaptation), it was only natural for the pressure to erupt somewhere. In a legitimately hilarious turn, vengeful Fallout 76 players have been venting their spleens on Phil Spencer's in-game encampment, repeatedly detonating nukes on top of it, reducing the surrounding landscape into an (even more) uninhabitable wasteland.

Spencer, whose gamer tag is "P3," apparently enjoys a little Fallout 76 from time to time. As the embattled exec has been keeping out of sight all week, the community has come together in a petty but extremely satisfying fashion. Spotted by Sam_Snydes on Twitter (thanks, Kotaku), responsibility for the initial blast was claimed by real1090jake, AKA Joe Grizzly Bitch, who encountered Spencer in-game, subsequently meting out some rough frontier justice. There have since been reports of further blasts, and we imagine the bombings will continue until morale improves.

What do you think of the unique way in which Fallout players have decided to protest Spencer's actions? Will you be logging in to express your frustrations? If not, remain in the relative safety of the comments section below.

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