Fallout 76

If, like us, you’ve been watching the new Fallout show on Amazon Prime, then you’ve likely turned to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium to download or stream one of Bethesda’s iconic RPGs. For us, we skirted the much-beloved Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3, instead venturing off into West Virginia in Fallout 76. Notoriously panned upon its initial launch, Todd Howard’s “Fallout with friends” is a different beast six years on. But does that mean the game is any good? And is it worth playing in 2024?

We set out to answer those very questions as we emerged from Vault 76 for the first time. Recounting our adventures over on the Push Square YouTube channel, we came into contact with quest-giving NPCs - an absent feature on launch - impressive bases constructed by other players, and enough loot to overencumber us 76 times over.

Amidst all the open world online noise though, we did find ourselves enjoying listening to 50s classics whilst exploding the heads off of ghouls – and doing all of that with friends. Certainly the wasteland is a lonely place, so exploring it with a ragtag band of survivors gives Fallout 76 a little something to stand apart from the other entries in the series. But is it enough to stop up from uninstalling and moving onto one of the mainline entries in the series? You can find out by checking out the full video!

Have you recently redownloaded any Fallout games thanks to the show? Let us know which ones down in the comments.