The First Descendant is a visually stunning co-op looter shooter we've had our eye on for a while now, a potential Destiny-like that looks incredible on Unreal Engine 5. We got a dev-led story trailer and a general lore breakdown, but the game's setting remains somewhat shrouded in mystery due to the abundance of proper nouns and genre cliches.

From what we can gather, the trouble began around 100 years ago, when interdimensional beings known as the Vulgus appeared, toppling civilisation and seizing human beings for sacrifice and experimentation. Additionally, then the Colossuses appeared, destroying what remained of the planet. Those few surviving humans gathered in Albion, preparing for the final battle.

They were joined by the Magisters, a certain sect of Vulgus with incredible technical skills. By joining forces with the Magisters, a unique gene known as "Arche" was discovered in certain people, allowing them to unlock extraordinary powers inherited from their ancestors. These "Descendants" are super-human beings, able to tackle dozens of Vulgus and, when working in concert, can even take down the towering Colossuses.

What do you think of The First Descendant? Has it piqued your interest? Prepare to wade through countless enemies from a third-person perspective in the comments section below.