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Geoff Keighley has revealed next month's Summer Game Fest live show will host the reveal of a new entry in one of 2K's "biggest and most beloved franchises". Given today's newly revealed sales milestones, the most likely options appear to be BioShock (43 million), Borderlands (89 million), or even Civilization (71 million). Another outside bet could be the Mafia series, which already has a new instalment confirmed to be in the works alongside BioShock.

Without giving any extra details, the Twitter account for Summer Game Fest simply tweeted: "2K plans to reveal the next iteration in one of 2K's biggest and most beloved franchises at Summer Game Fest on Friday, June 7."

While series creator Ken Levine is making Judas with his own external studio, a new BioShock was confirmed to be in development back in 2019, and would be worked on "for the next several years". A new Mafia game is also in the works, and it's unlikely we've seen the end of the strategy franchise Civilization. As such, the live showcase from Geoff Keighley at Summer Game Fest is where we'll find out what 2K has to reveal.

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