PlayStation's plucky little PS5 remote option, the PS Portal, continues to be a pleasant surprise for everyone involved, Sony included. The initially iffy-sounding device has proven to be wildly popular, and PlayStation has released an accolades trailer to remind us of the fact, featuring glowing quotes from some of the most powerful and feared video game outlets in existence.

In his review, Push Square's Aaron Bayne wrote that the device "feels fantastic in the hand", but Sony cut that down for its own inscrutable marketing purposes. Since releasing in November of last year, the Portal has gone from strength to strength, becoming more popular than expected and proving almost all predictions wrong. With Sony acknowledging this, could we see another dedicated handheld out of the firm?

Rumours have been swirling about Sony returning to the space, which it entirely ceded to Nintendo following the slow, tragic death of the PS Vita, with surprising competitors like Valve's Steam Deck stepping up. In February, however, known hardware leakster Moore's Law is Dead alleged that a new PlayStation handheld is in the works. Whether the rumoured device would be a dedicated handheld or a companion piece to the inevitable PS6 remains unclear, but one thing's sure: Sony knows there is demand in the audience for a handheld, and we hope it capitalises.

Has the PS Portal become a welcome part of your gaming arsenal? If Sony decides to return to the handheld game, would you prefer a dedicated device or an enhanced streaming companion? Let us know in the comments section below.