PS5 VS PC Push Square

Soon-to-be PlayStation co-CEO Hermen Hulst says the strategy behind releasing its single-player narrative games on PC is to push future console sales. The thinking goes that getting PC players hooked on some of its marquee tentpole franchises will entice a portion to play future sequels on a PlayStation console.

That's according to senior editor Tom Warren over at the Verge, who posted a clip of Hulst outlining this strategy on Twitter. The former long-time head of Horizon developer Guerilla Games says that this strategy is the same for its IP coming to other media, too, such as the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us.

While the TV and film aspect makes a lot of sense, we imagine entrenched, graphics-card-carrying members of the PC Master Race will be less inclined to jump ship, an idea that Warren poked fun at, too. We suppose stranger things have happened already this year, so we'll have to wait and see how Hermen's plan pans out.

Do you think the power of PlayStation's first-party output will be enough to convince PC gamers to hang up their keyboards for good? Start buying games all over again in the comments section below.