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Following Sony's decision last week to delist Helldivers 2 in 170 regions worldwide on Steam, it seems this will be the firm's PC stance moving forward, and it has since done the same for the imminent PC release of Ghost of Tsushima. More regions have been added to the list, taking the total number of territories affected to 180, which is now consistent across both titles.

Previously, Sony had said that Ghost of Tsushima's single player offering would be unaffected by this additional requirement. The game's Steam page still states that a PSN account is required to play the Legends multiplayer mode, but it was delisted anyway. Due to the open nature of Valve's platform, these changes are pretty visible, and including Sucker Punch's primarily single player open world epic in this blanket ban comes as a legitimate surprise.

Sony has yet to comment on the matter outside of its initial apology, but we imagine the firm will have to announce a framework for how future PC launches will work. It's pretty disappointing for those in affected areas, but there is at least something of a silver lining (if you squint at the situation in a certain light): Steam is reportedly pre-emptively refunding players who purchased Ghost of Tsushima PC ahead of its 17th May launch.

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