The second season of Ubisoft's nautical service game, Skull and Bones, is now live, introducing many limited-time events for enterprising captains to take advantage of. Chorus and Havoc offer new antagonists, a Megaladon to slay, the ability to manage a fleet and expand your piratical empire, as well as shiploads of new cosmetic items and booty.

The flamboyant Hubac twins and their Chorus fleet have arrived, heralding some exciting new features. Players can now expand their fleet, sending smaller ships out to secure precious resources from factories under their control. The Megalodon Lestari continues the game's traditional introduction of a monstrous sea beast, serving as boss encounters that require cooperation between captains.

If the idea of sailing uncharted waters intrigues you, Ubisoft is trying to entice fresh fish by offering a free trial from 30th May until 6th June, and the progress made will carry over into the full game if you decide to pick it up.

Have you dipped a toe into Skull and Bones? Does the prospect of some high-seas hijinx entice? Let us know in the comments section below.