Skull and Bones Player Count Free Trial

Starting from the 30th May, Skull and Bones is going free for a full week, until the 6th June. Ubisoft's pirate game first launched back in February, but a lukewarm reception immediately put the long-delayed live service title on the back foot.

In fact, it sounds like Skull and Bones is really struggling to pull players just months after its release. According to player data shared by TrueTrophies — which is based on over 3 million active users — the title has fallen off a cliff, even though its initial performance wasn't great to begin with. Apparently, it's sitting around 185th when it comes to the most played games on PS5, which places it right alongside Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in 184th. And we all know what Warner Bros thinks of that misguided shooter...

The hope is that this free trial period will give Skull and Bones and much needed boost, then. The game's price point is also being halved across all platforms for a time, and its story-driven Season 2 drops on the 28th May. All signs point to this being a pretty significant push.

What do you think of Skull and Bones? Do you think this push will actually work out, or is this a sinking ship? Seek dry land in the comments section below.

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