Rumour: Is LEGO Horizon Aloy's Next Big PS5 Adventure? 1
Image: Push Square

An unexpected rumour has surfaced this weekend regarding the possibility of a LEGO-themed Horizon game. In truth, the speculation is vague, and it’s not clear at this stage whether the collaboration involves a full-blown PS5 title or a physical set, similar to the one featuring the Tallneck which sold out around the world last year.

In the aftermath of some scuttlebutt on social media, Insider Gaming’s generally reliable Tom Henderson not-so subtly hinted “an announcement is on the horizon”. Perhaps showing a modicum of self-awareness, he added: “I’m not particularly fond of the ‘I know something, and you don’t’ obligatory vague insider BS. But from what I know, there's a LEGO Horizon trailer that's ready to go.”

But it’s still unclear whether this is a game or some kind of set, and there’s obviously an enormous difference between the two. A full-blown PS5 title would be surprising: LEGO has partnered with the likes of Marvel and Harry Potter, but never a first-party PlayStation franchise. It’ll be interesting to see exactly what transpires here, but we probably won’t have to wait long to find out: a livestream from Sony is being strongly speculated for later this month.