Parappa the Rapper PS1 PlayStation

If you didn't know, an ongoing rap feud between lyrical wordsmiths Kendrick Lamar and Drake has captivated much of the internet in recent days. All eyes are on the warring twosome, and if that wasn't enough, now it's being reported that Kendrick is actually holding back his next track due to some kind of marketing conflict with Sony's rumoured May PlayStation Showcase, which will allegedly take place next week. While stranger things have happened, we're willing to go out on a limb and suggest that this might not be the case.

The story seemingly stems from a Twitter post by user realradec, who alleges that noted podcaster, personality, and unabashed Drake-stan, DJ Akademiks, deleted an Instagram post suggesting as much. In the suspicious post, due to a marketing deal with Sony, Akademiks alleged that Kendrick would be unable to drop his next savage track until the PlayStation Showcase airs sometime next week, which lines up with Grubb's rumour from last month.

While DJ Akademiks is a known quantity, realradec is less so. Their claim has undoubtedly gained traction, but you never know these days. A moderator on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours has called out realradec's antics, citing the alleged troll's wildly viral efforts to link PlayStation properties with trending buzzwords, an honourable undertaking, and we respect the hustle.

The specificity of the claim is what caught our attention, and should be easily skewered if untrue. Lamar has released four tracks in the last four days, with Drake seemingly reeling from the onslaught. If another track drops, we guess this tale has no truth, and Drake will have to go into exile or something. Like the rest of the world, we suppose, we'll eagerly await Kendrick's response.

What do you think of this incredibly convenient story? Do you believe realradec, and by extension we suppose, DJ Akademiks? Will Kendrick Lamar deliver the coup de grâce (you can have that one), or will he wait until after the PlayStation Showcase? Let us know in the comments section below.