Astro Bot PS5 Rumour

A full PS5 Astro Bot title will apparently be announced in the very near future. This is according to ultra-reliable leaker billbil-kun on Dealabs, who reports that that reveal is happening "within 15 days". When placed alongside all of the other rumours, this strongly suggests that a PlayStation Showcase — or at least some kind of PS5 presentation — is imminent.

The leak goes on to say that Astro will be joined by a new fox-like character, and that the game will feature some kind of desert environment. As alluded, this is supposedly a PS5 project, not a PSVR2 title.

The announcement of a new adventure starring the bouncy white bot wouldn't come as a huge surprise. We've known for quite some time that Team Asobi — the developer behind superb PS5 pack-in title Astro's Playroom — is working on something, and at this point, there would be no reason for it to stray from the Astro property.

What's more, there have been plenty of rumours floating around that have pointed towards a new Astro Bot release — and in 2024, no less.

We continue to wait for this supposed PlayStation Showcase, then. But what do you want from a full Astro Bot game on PS5? Start jumping in the comments section below.

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