Review Bombers Are Attacking Other Games Made by Helldivers 2 Dev 1
Image: Push Square

This weekend's review bombing of Helldivers 2 over Sony's mandated PSN requirement even affected other games before the Japanese giant walked it back. Sucker Punch at least got out in front of the situation, as Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut was confirmed to only require PSN for its Legends multiplayer component, but as things spiralled, even the original Helldivers game suffered.

A remorseful-sounding Johann Pilestedt, CEO of Arrowhead and the creative director on Helldivers 2, revealed that his team's original game had become a target, sustaining some severe review bombing as frustrated fans vented their spleens.

After maintaining a Mostly Positive review score for years, Helldivers: Dive Harder quickly dropped to Mixed, with hundreds of negative reviews lodged in the last day alone. Pilestedt lamented the current state of affairs, writing: "It deeply saddens me that [Helldivers] is also being review bombed due to the recent [Helldivers 2] controversy. What's next? Review bombing Magicka and Gauntlet as well? Other PlayStation titles?"

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